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ADHD (With Or Without Hyperactivity)

Each of our Associates is well versed in this most common childhood issue.  Accurate diagnosis is crucial as many disorders share symptoms with ADD.  If your child has ADD we not only treat him/her but we educate you as well.  An informed parent (and child if he or she is old enough) is an extremely useful ally in therapy.  For further information, please read the article Dr. Duggan has written, "Understanding ADD/ADHD" in the Clinical Corner section.


Commonly referred to as "the Great Deceiver", depression can take a number of forms.  With children and adolescents, acting out and frustration are often signs of depression.  In adults depressed mood and negative thoughts are commonly seen.  With early detection, depression can be just a passing phase rather than a way of life.


The diagnosis of Bipolar disorder has increased dramatically in the past ten years.  This increase is most likely due to a new awareness of the disorder rather than an increase in its prevalence.  Therapy combines cognitive training, education and support for both the client and family.  In addition, working with the client's physician to develop a comprehensive program is a key to successful treatment.


In order to qualify as an addiction a behavior must be both pronounced and interfering with one's way of life.  Addictions can occur not just with drugs and alcohol, but with things such as gambling, the internet, pornography, etc.  It is vital to get the addict to see how his/her life is being damaged by the addiction.  "Helping" the addict often means allowing him/her to suffer the consequences of their behavior.  Only when they develop insight can true help begin.

Anxiety Disorders

There are numerous anxiety disorders which affect both children and adults.  On the Clinical Corner page are articles addressing Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  In all cases of anxiety, balancing what the patient can achieve by using cognitive controls with a careful assessment of medication is vital.


Most relationships have ups and downs.  However, sometimes the ride gets so hectic that one or both partners consider moving on.  When this occurs most people want to stop and to be sure that they have done all that can be done.  A number of our therapists specialize in helping couples confront and heal the wounds that sometimes occur in a relationship.


Psychological testing is an important component to accurate diagnosis.  From teasing out dyslexic, to assessing a learning disability, to assessing the extent of loss due to a head trauma, testing can provide answers that 'talk' therapy may miss.  Dr. Zehler is the Chief of Neuropsychology at Memorial Medical Center of Long Beach and does a great deal of the testing at our offices.

Typical Individual And Family Issues

It is a great pleasure to tell parents or individuals that while they thought they had a big problem, in reality they have a very manageable and treatable issue.  Many times these issues are not even psychological syndromes but actually just problems the client is having in life at that particular time.  We are all thoroughly trained in assisting people to deal with these bumps in the road.

Clinical Corner

The above disorders are just a few of those we treat at our office.  For more information about these or other syndromes, please take a look at the Clinical Corner page.