John Timberlake, Ph.D.

John Timberlake, Ph.D. Dr. Timberlake received his PsyD in Clinical Psychology at The American School of Professional Psychology. He is currently providing therapy and assessment services to children, adolescents, adults, and persons with chronic medical conditions. He has trained in diverse settings, including UC Irvine Disability Services, Metropolitan State Hospital, AIDS Services Foundation, and Saddleback College Health Center.

His primary treatment approach is brief psychodynamic therapy, though he is well-versed in cognitive and behavioral strategies and utilizes these modalities effectively when indicated. In addition to his considerable experience conducting psychotherapy, Dr. Timberlake has a strong clinical background in testing and assessment.

As a result of his training and experience, Dr. Timberlake has particular expertise in psychological evaluation, diagnostic clarification, and ADHD testing. Additionally, his training in psychopharmacology allows him to collaborate effectively with physicians, families, and schools to provide comprehensive support when needed.

He is experienced in treating children and adults with a variety of clinical diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, substance abuse, and bipolar disorders, and has effectively treated persons experiencing difficulties with major life changes. Additionally, John has specialized skills in stress management and the treatment of chronic pain.


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