Ana Arguello, MFT

Ana Arguello, MFT Ana has been involved in multiple areas of psychological focus for the past 25 years. She first received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991 and furthered her education with a Masters of Sciences in 1999 both from California State Universities.

She has been fortunate in being in an array of settings that included the penal system, community psychology, and private practice. Ana has been in community based psychology for the past 8 years; encompassing all that is individual, family and child relational. She has developed an expertise in Child Parent Psychotherapy, a therapy with focus on parent child relational diatribe and treating very young children while also engaging the caregiver/parent. Ana also has extensive training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescence and Post-partum Depression.

She has been a featured guest on KCET’s Place of our Own and a speaker for Los Angeles Unified School District. Ana spent 15 years working for the Federal Department of Justice in the capacity of Drug Treatment Specialist and collaterally in Speakers Bureau and the Hostage Negotiation Team. She received extensive training in Addiction Recovery, Motivational Interviewing and Rational Behavior Therapy. Ana is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is bilingual and bicultural; having lived the acculturation experience multiple times in her lifetime.

She recognizes that life is a challenge and also its own reward. A therapeutic relationship has the potential to provide endless opportunities for growth, insight and support so that there is balance between the challenges and rewards in your life.


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