About Us

The Beginning

Dr. Duggan & Associates was launched in November 1991.  Since that time we have grown from a three person office to our current eleven person team.  The confidence people have shown in our team is greatly appreciated and we are proud to say that our reputation has led professionals, counselors, teachers, colleagues, and former patients to send many of their friends and peers to our offices.

Our Office

In 2004, after many years in the Naples area of Long Beach, we purchased our own building near Wilson High School.  We have created a warm, family-friendly office.  Each of the individual therapy rooms is easily accessible and you are more likely than not to meet a number of associates when you are in our office.  The business office is directly adjacent to the spacious waiting room.  We have five therapy rooms including a playroom which at times doubles as a family therapy room.  You are invited to take a peek into each when you are here.  Our hope is you will find our office to be a warm, family-friendly place.


When you are bringing a child or adolescent to see a therapist you are trusting that person with the most precious person in your life.  Therefore the first session is almost always with the parents alone.  This session allows us to obtain a detailed clinical history while allowing you to ask any questions you deem appropriate.

The second session will usually be with your child.  It is important that your child have the opportunity to get to know the therapist as well.  There is plenty of research to verify that positive rapport with your therapist, and liking who you see, is highly correlated with a successful outcome.  Nowhere is that more evident than with kids and adolescents.  Much of the session will revolve around your child's strengths.  It is by getting your child to use his or her strong points that change is made.

Subsequent sessions will depend on the treatment plan that you and your therapist agree upon.  Sometimes sessions will be with just the parents, sometimes just the child, and sometimes both, depending on what is being worked on.

It is important that you and your child feel that we are working with you.  Therefore, you will often be asked for your opinion and for your help in guiding treatment.  We are all aware that no one knows your child better than you and we both respect that and will rely upon it during treatment.

When an adult (or couple) comes to see us the structure is very much the same.  The first session will be used to gather background information.  Subsequent sessions will be used to explore your deeper issues.

You are encouraged to gain knowledge of the procedures, goals, and possible side effects of psychotherapy.  Participation in therapy can result in a better understanding of your personal goals and values, improved interpersonal relationships, and resolution of the specific concerns that led you to seek treatment.  Working toward these benefits, however, requires effort on your part and may involve taking some risks.  The risks may include the experience of feelings including sadness, anger, fear, guilt, or anxiety.  It is important to acknowledge that these are natural and normal and are an important part of the therapy process.

I suggest you take a look at the Clinical Corner section of our website.  Articles such as "What is Psychotherapy Anyway?" and "Psychotherapy Can be Fun" can provide you with a more in-depth understanding of what therapy is like and can answer many of your questions.

Getting Started

When a prospective patient calls us, the first person he or she will speak to is our office manager who will ask a few questions regarding why you are calling and what kind of services you are looking to receive. We do this to ensure that we can match you with the person who is most qualified in that area.

Our office manager will then ask you about your insurance information. They will check your insurance benefits so that when one of our associate’s calls you back they will be able to speak with you about the financial arrangement as well.

After that, it is easy as setting an appointment and coming to our offices.

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